Scientists and medical professionals have used placental tissues to treat skin for centuries. After over a decade of research, the scientists at GENIX have harnessed the natural power of the placenta into a transformative skincare line. Every GENIX product contains Placenta Extract, a protein-rich, nourishing, and naturally-derived compound uniquely suited for skincare.

Our Placenta Extract is bovine-derived, meaning that it comes from cattle. Our process does not harm any animals and makes use of otherwise discarded tissue.


GENIX products are exclusive, groundbreaking formulas not seen in any other skincare product.

Every GENIX product contains our revolutionary Placenta Extract. Placenta Extract harnesses the power of natural peptides and proteins from the placenta to nourish the skin and reverse the signs of aging.

What is in the GENIX's Placenta Extract?

Our Placenta Extract is a naturally-derived combination of thousands of proteins that directly support skin revitalization by providing and repairing critical molecules in the skin. Key proteins in the complex include:

Collagen: Strengthens the skin, as well as maintains elasticity and hydration.

Hyaluronic acid: Boosts hydration in the skin by attracting water into the upper layers of skin.

Keratin: Improves skin resiliency.

Laminins and nidogens: Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.

Along with the proteins listed, there are thousands more that encourage visible vitality by safeguarding the skin.

Why proteins?

The skin ages for many reasons. Among the most ruinous are oxidative stress from free radicals. Free radicals are sub-cellular molecules that damage skin at a cellular level, and accumulate with exposure to smoke, pollution, stress, and the sun.

Our unique combination of natural placental proteins and plant extracts creates a concoction of insulating creams, aimed at achieving a glowing complexion and maintaining the results.

Mammal proteins for mammal skin

In nature, our mammal cells are designed to interact with mammal proteins. When a protein is made by similar species, it works better with your skin.

The Placenta Extract in GENIX products is naturally derived from cow placenta. These placentas are waste products from birthing - our cows do not experience cruelty or trauma.

No synthetic manufacturing, with ingredients found in nature.

We love our cows