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Would you like to be a GENIX affiliate? Here are the details: 

GENIX is looking for influencers to represent and promote our brand products and we are willing to share in the success.

About Us: GENIX is a grassroots, boutique skincare brand that is founded on science. Our founders and inventors have worked in the field of regenerative medicine for decades and are cultured users of skincare products. The findings from their years of scientific investigation and experience in skincare came together to produce this revolutionary product line.

Our Process: Each product is developed starting from a knowledgebase survey of what is known about each product target. From this foundation, ingredients are chosen that have shown the highest efficacy. Our development team then rigorously formulates variants that are then extensively tested for critical attributes both aesthetic and practical. Finally, we down-select to the product that is deemed the most successful.

Our Marketing Philosophy: We are well aware of the tendency of branding to get out of hand. We see other companies that are shouting misdirection and pseudoscience for the sake of getting attention and market share. In contrast, we have faith in our products and the logic and science behind what they are made of. We see no reason to make things up or tell half-truths. Our products work, and work great at that. We prefer to inform and educate our users to help them understand what will work best for them. Why did we choose to use something? Ask us, and we will gladly tell you why.  

If you like what you hear we would love to hear from you.

Affiliate Policy: 

As a brand, we prefer to focus on science and product quality. We depict our models as happy, sophisticated and satisfied. We believe that our products are truly for everyone and want to maintain inclusivity. We prefer not to be associated with alcohol or drug use. A focus on skin care and a healthy lifestyle is our desired content. 

If you would like to include us in your influencer content, we would love to help you do your best and share in the results. 

What you get:

  • Each affiliate will get a customized purchase code that is easily remembered and associated with the affiliate. When a customer purchases a GENIX product with your discount code, the customer gets 20% off MSRP and the affiliate receives 20% of the pre-tax and shipping transaction value. Your followers will be happy and so will you! Pretty simple and straightforward.
  • Oh yeah, all new affiliates get a free bottle of the GENIX Regenerative Skin Elixir to use for their own care. Trying the Elixir for the first time? Remember to take a before photo so you can showcase your results!
  • Customized, around-the-clock support. A committed team of GENIX scientists is there for our affiliates. We will provide one-on-one support by email, phone, or video chat to answer any questions you may have. The more you know, the more helpful information you can provide your followers - both about GENIX and skin health in general!

If you would like to start the process of becoming a GENIX affiliate please enter your information below. At this time, we are only able to ship the free bottle of the GENIX Elixir within the United States.