GENIX is a science-driven, women-run skincare laboratory and biotech company founded to research the keys to repairing the human body and create skincare products with our findings.

We run a research lab in Gainesville, Florida that has:
- 3 PhD's
- 2 Patents
- Over 50 years of combined experience in biomedical and regenerative medicine research
- Certified tissue banking professionals
- Certified regenerative engineering professionals
- State-of-the-art laboratory equipment

Our original research focused on the regenerative power of the placenta. We used bovine (cattle) placenta that would otherwise have been waste material—we do not harm or use live animals in any way. We developed a patent-pending process to create an extract with the most powerful proteins of the placenta and utilize this extract as a key ingredient in our revolutionary skincare products.

Since our discovery of the extract, we've launched two products: a face cream and an eye cream. In our participant trials, GENIX customers report smoother, more balanced, and brighter skin. Their reactions are the reasons we're here! You'll find us in the lab everyday working to utilize science to drive skincare.