Our story started in 1998 when Dr. Peter McFetridge took his first look through the microscope. What did he find? The early stages of what would later become a breakthrough in skincare — the GENIX Regenerative Skin Elixir. Looking to understand the science behind regenerative events, he found a solution to promote a more youthful look and feel to the skin.

Just like science, the skin is ever-evolving. GENIX products are designed with change in mind. The discovery of the Synergistic Protein Complex is an advancement newly witnessed in anti-aging skincare. This revolutionary finding goes beyond skin-deep. Our Synergistic Protein Complex technology features over 2,000 different protein compounds and growth factors that blend with powerhouse ingredients like Vitamins, C, E, and various fruit extracts. Together, they create a breakthrough skin solution that deeply hydrates and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, revealing a refreshed, youthful appearance like no other.

We’re committed to delivering solutions rooted in science and technology to help improve your skin concerns. The results are in the mirror.