The GENIX philosophy

At GENIX, we believe the key to real results is using real science. Our philosophy is to deliver information that is understandable and, importantly, backed by science.

We strive to never hide behind intentionally technical language – we want you to understand exactly what you’re getting and why we believe it works.


Cruelty Free

GENIX uses bovine placenta which means cows. At GENIX, we love cows. We use placenta that is otherwise a waste material, so no animal is harmed in any way.

Our products are not tested on animals.


Our mission

At GENIX, we are deeply committed to our sustainability efforts, which is why we work out of a LEED-certified building and utilize natural components for our products. Our fiberboard boxes are 100% recyclable and made with wind energy. We continuously strive to support our local farming communities.